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The Earthrise Kilt

My maternal family is Welsh and English, and I happened to ask myself about the Welsh heritage. I learned that in the past (and possibly even today) Welsh clans would wear kilts in the same manner as the Scots. Like the Scots the Welsh clans also have tartans. I became… Read More »The Earthrise Kilt

The first pair of Aldens

I’ve been into nice looking footwear since at least high school. I remember begging my parents for a pair of Nike’s because they were what the popular kids were wearing. I’m pretty sure I wore something like these from high school through college. Of course in college I occasionally found that… Read More »The first pair of Aldens

My first real hat

I don’t know about you but I have always loved hats. I love all kinds of hats: ball caps, flat caps, Panama hats, etc. However, my true passion is for the felt hats reminiscent of the 30s – early 60s. You know the ones. The ones you’d see on Bogart,… Read More »My first real hat

The beginning

Why did I start this site? Well, I think that every item in a person’s closet has a story. It may be a story about how you came to acquire a particular item, it may be a story about things that have happened while being worn, or it may be… Read More »The beginning